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Sprinkler Save in Destin, Florida Apartment Building

I wanted to pass along to you that once again what we do matters, from the installers, inspectors, service techs, and administration staff, what we do saves lives and limits property damage.

Last night around 7 pm as an on-call operator, I received a call from one of our customers that a fire had occurred in a unit and two sprinklers had deployed, controlling the fire and saving the building from catastrophic damage and possible loss of life.

The unit was being remodeled and someone left a stove eye on that caught items left on top of the stove on fire. The fire department stated the eye was still on when they gained access to the unit. I share this with you so that if you ever doubt that what you do makes a difference, it does!

Just take a look at the pictures and you will see by what caught on fire how bad this really could have been. If you have ever seen one of our burn trailer demonstrations, you know how fast this could have gotten out of control.

Thank you each and every one of you for what you do for “the flame”.

“Thank you to Michael Sudheimer of NFSA Member Advanced Fire Protection Services in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida for sending us this great sprinkler save and the photos that tell the story!” – NFSA

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