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Your partner in delivering innovative, 

code-compliant, gold-standard 

quality fire sprinkler designs.

Fire Sprinkler Designs

Big or small, your fire protection project needs a fire sprinkler designer who can provide accurate, code compliance sprinkler designs.

We base our drafts and design on:

  • Hazard classification

  • Building size

  • Location and use

  • Local AHJ requirements

With F2M Fire & Drafting Designs, you’ll receive a competitive price for a dry, wet, deluge, or pre-action design.

Fire Sprinkler Designs
Cost Estimation & Quantities Take Off

We provide cost estimation and quantities take-off services for fire sprinkler contractors, including bid proposal preparation, review of bid specifications for fire sprinkler systems, material cost review, labor cost, and fire sprinkler system material take-off.

From new construction projects to retrofits, let us use our 20 years of experience to assist you in estimating the best costs for your fire sprinkler system to stay within your budget.  

Standpipe Layout

When your fire protection project requires standpipes for firefighting purposes, we can provide standpipe layouts that will supply water to fire sprinkler systems and the standpipe systems.

standpipe layout
Hydraulic Calculations

Getting the hydraulic calculations right is critical. The last thing you want is incorrect flows and pressures.


With a working knowledge of the current NFPA standards, codes, and specialty sprinklers (i.e., CMSA and ESFR applications), we will make sure to design your sprinkler system for you to make fast and easy installations.


Our hydraulic calculations will help you save money and look like a rockstar.

hydraulic calculations
Hydraulic Calculations
Standpipe Layout
Standpipe Calculations

When a fire occurs, firefighters need access to standpipes with a sufficient water flow at a particular pressure for an extended time.


Your F2M standpipe calculations will make your contractor joyous, knowing their standpipes have the water flow, pressure, and duration needed to handle the job.

Standpipe Calculations
Fire Sprinkler Seismic Design 

Do you need a sprinkler design most suited for the impact of a natural disaster? If so, this is the type of design you need. Once installed, you will have a fire sprinkler system that meets the latest fire codes for the highest level of fire protection.

Seismic Bracing
Seismic Design
Fire Sprinkler Seismic Calculations and Analysis

F2M will calculate the seismic load a fire sprinkler system will experience during an earthquake. Fire sprinkler designs account for the force your fire sprinkler system may experience shaking back and forth during an earthquake.


With our calculations, you can meet contractors with a seismic plan that will be sure to impress them.

Seismic Calculations
Fire Pump/Valve Room Layout

Dedicated to making your life easier, we will create coordinated drawings of the valve/pump room based on the room structure, size, and other trades.


We will resolve conflicts with other MEP trades before, during, and after installation. 

Valve Room Layout
2D Fire Sprinkler Models

We are experts in 2D fire sprinkler design, a standard within the fire sprinkler design industry. 

BIM Coordination
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordination

With BIM, you will receive intelligent 3D modeling that will help you more efficiently plan, design, install, or retrofit buildings for your contractor.

2D and BIM Modeling
Materials Listing
Fire Sprinkler Piping Material Listing

In ensuring you have everything you need for your fire protection project, we provide you with:


  • A list of materials

  • Pre-fabrication listing sheets

  • And installation drawings with mains and branch line tags

This materials list will help you install your fire sprinkler system as requested.

fire sprinkler materials listing
You're In Good Hands

F2M Fire & Drafting Designs is not a licensed engineering firm. However, we collaborate with several licensed engineering firms across the country that signed and sealed our designs. In addition, third-party engineers review all plans for quality control and competency, ensuring you get drawings with limited to no errors that could delay your projects. Therefore, you can confidently choose F2M, knowing you’re in good hands.

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